Bridget Sheppard

From our first days at Colgate, we can decide where we want to leave our mark over the next four years. For George Zeitler, a senior of the Class of 2010, he has chosen to impact the arts, especially the musical organizations on campus.

Having taken both classical piano and organ lessons all four years here, Zeitler chose to be an active member in groups that involve playing the piano and singing because they are two things that he loves. These organizations include the Colgate Concert Choir and Chamber Singers as well as the student rock group Earthman Embassy. Zeitler has further participated in the arts through several Student Musical Theatre Company (SMuTCo) productions. What Zeitler likes most about these groups “is the opportunity to work and collaborate with other student artists and to gain a sense of others’ perspectives on things you enjoy doing.”

Although as of right now, he has no plans to continue in the arts after graduation, Zeitler sees their value to the Colgate community.

“I think the arts are an indispensable foil to the other academic disciplines,” Zeitler said. “Just as many of the majors here at Colgate are studies of what is or has been – science, history, politic science, anthropology – the arts are the study of what can be, and of the expression of our own humanity.”

As Zeitler leaves Colgate, his contribution to the arts will be remembered and hopefully inspire new students to join such groups. His advice to students considering becoming a part of the arts here?

“Try out as many different branches of art as you can,” Zeitler said. “It’s surprising how what you learn under one medium can be applied to the aesthetics of another.”

So, those of you thinking about participating in the arts, learn from Zeitler and take a chance.