Colgate Couture: One Last Lesson

Colgate Couture: One Last Lesson

Emily Johnson

Over this past school year, I have done my best to provide you fellow fashionistas with the latest in style updates, trend forecasting and dressing for every occasion. My inspiration for these articles has come from a variety of places. I constantly find new ideas from the seasonal runway shows, fashion forward bloggers and creative street photographers. To be honest, I’m also really influenced by the fashions I see on my peers everyday here at Colgate. Because of this, I thought my last article would be the perfect opportunity to hear from those whom this weekly column tends to forget: the guys.

If any of you remember, this fall I pleaded the campus’s male population to get out of their sweatpant classroom uniform and instead, put more effort into what they’re wearing in public. But in reality, who am I to pass such judgment? It’s possible they despise my rompers and high waisted minis as much as I do their pajama pants and dirty sneakers. To find out the answers to my many questions about what guys really think when it comes to women’s fashions, I decided to find out first hand. I enlisted the help of two of Colgate’s most stylish seniors: Adam Corrin and Mike Crown.

When I asked for their general thoughts on this topic, Crown immediately responded, “Girls are more worried about dressing up for other girls, and not about dressing for the guys.”

He has quite a point. I weekly advise on ways to translate trends into everyday looks without any regard for the thinking of the opposite sex. I decided it would be most beneficial to have some sort of “he said, she said” discussion about women’s clothing. I would begin by describing the outfits Colgate girls typically wear for everyday occasions, and the guys would respond with how they really felt about these looks.

The first outfit occasion put forth was what is worn daily to class. I suggested that the perfect outfit would consist of skinny jeans, a colorful sweater, fitted blazer and flats. Both guys agreed that this look is clean and classy, while still achieving that level of comfort that is required with a busy schedule.

“I prefer to see girls wearing jeans and sweater,” Corrin said, “as opposed to frumpy looking sweatpants. It’s nice to see that you’ve put some effort into what you’re wearing.”

However, if you’ve pressed the snooze button a few too many times and ‘effort’ is not an option, leggings are your best bet. Sure, they’re casual, but at least you won’t look like you rolled out of bed.

For those girls who like to stand out on the quad, be aware that not everyone loves your high waisted skirt as much as you do. Both guys said that although they are not the biggest fans of this trend, they understand that it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. However, you will be thankful to know that the boyfriend trend has officially been “boyfriend approved.”

“It’s a look that not many girls have the guts to try and pull off,” Corrin said, “but I like the originality of it. You can pair boyfriend jeans with a simple white tank top to make it look sexy.”

Just remember that balancing the proportions of your outfit is key in mastering this look.

Next, I was curious to find out about heading downtown. Although most guys won’t admit it, I’m convinced they’re secretly paying attention to what you show up in, even at the Jug! I described a typical “going-out” outfit as skinny jeans, a silky printed top, leather jacket and heels or booties of choice. The guys agreed that the jeans and leather jacket was a good look, but that some trendy tops aren’t as big of a hit. For example, neither was fan of the ruffles look, claiming it to “look a little messy”. And for those of you who have trouble balancing in those four-inch platforms, fear not. Boots were mentioned as another good option to wear with your jeans.

As for that perfect first date look, I suggested that a short dress, fitted blazer and heels would be the way to go. Crown agreed, mentioning that because he would wear nice jeans, a button down shirt and a blazer, he would “expect the girl to dress up for the occasion as well.”

While Corrin felt the same way, he said that going simple and casual is also somewhat refreshing. Jeans are now accepted just about everywhere and with the right top and heels can look sexy without over-doing it.

So although their advice may cause you to take a second look at what you’re wearing, both guys stressed that sometimes in fashion you have to be willing to take a risk. In true fashionista style, remember that confidence is the only accessory that can transform your sidewalk choices into catwalk showstoppers. Thanks for reading, and let your sendoff from Colgate this summer be a stylish one!