Colgate Couture : Thanks, Boyfriend

Colgate Couture : Thanks, Boyfriend

Over the past few seasons in fashion, what’s on one’s arm has been highly influenced by who’s on one’s arm. I’m referring to the boyfriend trend in clothing and accessories that has swiftly made its way from Fashion Week’s catwalks to Hamilton’s sidewalks. Jeans, blazers and watches are just three from the extensive list of pieces that we can thank the men in our lives for.

Last spring was when I first spotted Katie Holmes sporting what looked like Tom Cruise’s jeans. She had rolled the baggy denim at the bottom and had added a fitted tee and cardigan to finish her outfit. I fell in love with this look and had to give it a try immediately! To this day, my friends still torment me for walking around campus in completely oversized men’s jeans. I was swimming in denim. Even with all the belting and rolling, I knew this was just not going to work.

By May, designers had caught up with this trend and I was finally able to score a pair of jeans that fit me perfectly in the waist, yet still had the slouchy leg that I was looking for. Almost a year later, it is now impossible not to see a pair of boyfriend jeans while flipping through the celebritity-filled pages of Us Weekly, or even the fashion bible that is Vogue.

Oversized elegance is the idea behind this look. Since most boyfriend pieces are big and slouchy, there has to be some fitted element or feminine influence that is incorporated into your outfit. We don’t want you looking like an Olsen twin during their NYU bag-lady days. Boyfriend jeans work best when complimented with classic ballet flats, chic ruffles and tailored jackets.

For me, boyfriend blazers are the winning piece in this trend. I am convinced that it is the most versatile item I have in my closet! It can be easily paired with a striped tee and skinny jeans for class or a silky cami and platform pumps for downtown. And who says you can only have one? Try different fabric options, like polished silk or casual jersey to give your outfit another look. For example, Gryphon’s amazingly studded cotton blazer captures downtown edge when worn with latex leggings and over-the-knee suede boots. However, I’m more eager to get my hands on Twenty8Twelve’s white version as a fresh addition to match with floral minis and open toe booties for spring.

Another favorite is the button down boyfriend shirt. This classic piece has recently taken a turn for the trendy with an updated oversized look. Hollywood style maven Rihanna has been spotting wearing hers with denim cutoffs and flat sandals. She also dresses it up by tucking in her top to skinny jeans and rocking the five-inch heels. Try belting your button down and adding leggings for the library or use it as a cover up on the beach for spring break. With so many ways to wear it, the boyfriend button down is an easy fix for mixing comfort with style.

Lastly, we all need a little arm candy. Oversized Cartier tank watch anyone? Yes, please! Menswear-inspired watches are making a bold statement on women’s wrists everywhere. They are an incredibly chic addition to any outfit. Freelook has been favoring gold plated bands, while Michael Kors has branched out with ceramic and rubber versions. Just remember to keep the rest of your jewelry on the simple side. Unfortunately, too much oversized can quickly turn into overkill!

Now don’t think the boyfriend list ends there. Try cardigans, tees, hoodies and even pajamas all in oversized styles. Just remember, like with any trend, less is more. Don’t lose yourself in the extra fabrics. Instead, let these boyfriend pieces emphasize your frame and give your everyday outfits a stylish masculine twist!