In The Light: J.T. Crepps



Senior J.T. Crepps is certainly an active member in the Colgate community. He participates in an impressive number of activities, fulfills leadership positions and always goes out of his way to be friendly towards others. From Colorado Springs, Colorado, Crepps had a strong interest in coming to Colgate. 

“I really liked the aesthetics of the school, along with its academic reputation and

credibility,” Crepps said. “I also liked how Colgate was a mesh between a big school and a small school. It is has elements of a big school like Division-I sports, but also has the feel of a small community.” 

Though he came to Colgate undecided, Crepps is now a molecular biology major. 

“I originally didn’t know whether or not I wanted to major in economics or a science. But the more classes I took in molecular biology, the more I liked it,” Crepps said.

After graduation, Crepps plans on going to dental school to become either a general dentist or an orthodontist.

Outside of the classroom, Crepps is involved in various other activities, many of which require great leadership skills. As a first-year and sophomore, Crepps was a member of the Leaders Options for Tomorrow (LOFT) program. His best experiences of the program were during his sophomore year, when he worked with Professor Carrie Keating.

“[Keating] taught me the best ways to be a leader, and how it is possible to make your best ideas accessible,” Crepps said. 

Crepps continues to engage himself in the Colgate community as a senior. He is currently the co-president of both the Adopt a Grandparent club and the Pre-Health Student Association. He has also been on the Link staff for three years, is a member of Konosioni and spends time working for the Office of Admissions.

“I think the happiest people here are the ones who are most involved,” Crepps said.

Looking back on his college experience, Crepps admits that his favorite moments have been meeting new people. 

“I really love the welcoming environment at Colgate. You can literally walk up to anyone and start up a conversation,” Crepps said. 

That friendly attitude that Crepps possesses can certainly go a long way. 

“From Jean from Frank to the janitorial staff, it’s really important to recognize and say hello to everyone. There are a lot of people who can go unnoticed here,” Crepps added. 

In his four years at Colgate, Crepps has certainly accomplished a lot. He has succeeded remarkably in both academics and in his numerous leadership roles on campus, all while maintaining an exceptionally positive attitude and friendly personality.