Club Corner: The Colgate Write-In


The Write-In

Madison Jozefiak, Maroon-News Staff

The first Write-In of the school year occurred on September 26, slightly later than it has in the past. The group will now be meeting regularly every Wednesday 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Fager Student Lounge in Lathrop Hall. 

The Write-In is relatively new to campus. It was instituted three years ago by Assistant Professor of English CJ Hauser, and still remains a bit of a campus secret: a loose underground community. 

Each week, the Write-In presents the opportunity for creative writers on campus to gather in the same room, meet each other, discuss their work, write for about an hour and finally set goals for the next week. 

People come and go as they choose. The commitment is entirely up to the individual. The group is frequented by Professor Hauser’s enormous fluffy Burmese mountain dog, Moriarty, among others. There is tea and cookies, paid for by the English department. 

There is the opportunity to listen to Professor Hauser’s instrumental music, though you may opt of this part by bringing headphones.        

 The Write-In was founded to foster a creative community on Colgate’s campus. What it has to offer is permission to be a writer among peers, to talk about your work and be held accountable for it. 

Anyone who wants to write creatively is encouraged to show up, stick around, pet the dog and write themselves into this casual secret society in whatever style they see fit to do so.    

Stop by this coming Wednesday to  get those creative juices flowing.