Center For Women’s Studies and LGBTQ+ Initiatives Celebrates Anniversary


Women’s Studies

Sarah Speegle, Maroon-News Staff

This year marks an important milestone for the Colgate community. Shortly following ALANApalooza, the Center for Women’s Studies is bursting with energy as it begins celebrating its 25th anniversary. It is a time for students to reflect upon and appreciate the opportunities that Colgate offers.

On Wednesday, September 11, Colgate’s Center for Women’s Studies and LGBTQ+ Initiatives hosted a meet and greet to kick-off their 25th anniversary celebration. The Program Coordinator for the center, Odette Marie Rodriguez opened up the event by giving a short speech about the center and the upcoming programs that it will host throughout the year.

Students and faculty then had the opportunity to interact with one another and enjoy a wide assortment of foods. By meeting new people and engaging in many conversations, participants at the event were able to foster connections and begin the process of building a community.

“The most important thing that comes out of the center is community and education. The Center for Women’s Studies is special because we are one of the only centers in the country that includes both an academic program and a resource center. What that means is that it is really important for us to take what students are learning in the classroom and connect them with people and resources that will spark positive actions and positive changes,” Rodriguez said.

“We hope this event will get new folks to come to the center, and let people connect and build community with each other with the goal of social justice in mind.”

Rodriguez also took this opportunity to encourage students to use the department’s resources in the The Center for Women’s Studies below East Hall. The center will host weekly programming events, including guest speakers and Brown Bags, every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. In the days leading up to the Center for Women’s Studies’ official anniversary on November 8, major programming will occur, including a large reception and an alumni panel during which individuals can share their stories about how being a Women’s Studies major has influenced their life and career.

As the event came to a close, Tracy Hucks, Colgate’s Provost and Dean of the Faculty, gave a few remarks. Dean Hucks reflected on her time as a Colgate student and marveled at the key moments in Colgate’s history that benefited women on campus.

Moreover, she spoke very highly about the Center for Women’s Studies and referred to it as a monumental space that has invaluably contributed to the transformation of students. Looking into the future, Hucks is excited for the years to come and hopes that the Center for Women’s Studies continues to foster an inclusive atmosphere on campus where students feel supported.