In The Light: Matt Green

Mollie Reilly

Whether running a meeting of the Colgate Finance Club, guiding his Linksters through orientation, or hauling a telephone pole to the boat house with his crew teammates, senior Matt Green approaches everything in his life with passion and ambition.

A second-generation Colgate student hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Green has found his Colgate experience to be incredibly rewarding and eye opening. “Coming from a conservative family, my mind was opened to many other perspectives when I came to Colgate,” he recalls. “I was much less curious when I first came here, but now, when I’m interested in something, I don’t merely explore it. I want to learn everything about it.” Green’s open-minded attitude has surely helped his academic pursuits. As a history concentrator and economics minor, he studies society’s evolution and economic progress with an insatiable curiosity.

Green took this curiosity across the pond last semester with the London Study Group. “Studying in London was the best experience I’ve had at Colgate,” he said. Despite the respect for British culture and knowledge of their history that he gained throughout the trip, his stay made him realize that “we are so blessed in America.”

Green has immersed himself in a wide array of extracurricular activities. During his sophomore and junior years, he augmented his leadership role on campus by serving as the crew team’s representative to the Student-Athlete Advisory Council. In addition to rowing for the varsity crew team since his first year, Green is the co-founder and co-president of the Colgate Finance Club. “We bring financial speakers to campus and help teach students the ins and outs of finance,” he says. The club compensates for Colgate’s lack of a business major.

Green also dedicates himself to the Link Staff. “It’s incredible to be such a significant part of students’ beginnings here at Colgate.” Although Green didn’t expect his life to be as hectic as it turned out, he has enjoyed every minute. “No matter how involved you are here,” he advises, “you always have time to breathe.”

After graduation, Green plans on pursuing a career in finance, starting off in New York City or Boston. Despite these metropolitan dreams, Green looks back on his years spent in rural Hamilton with great fondness. “It’s been the best four years of my life, hands down,” he says. “You only have four years here, so take advantage of all the opportunities that you can.”