In the Light: Sophie Grayer


Senior Sophie Grayer

Jessica Argento, Maroon-News Staff

If Sophie Grayer could give any advice to Colgate students, it would be this:

“Put yourself in different environments and see how you react. It’s a win-win because you’re going to learn something about yourself either way. If you won’t get arrested and you won’t die, I would say yes to most things,” Grayer said.

Originally from the town of Rye in Westchester County, New York, Grayer is a philosophy and religion concentrator with an additional creative writing concentration. She enjoys philosophy because it includes asking a lot of questions, but she also enjoys religion, which tries to answer those questions, making the coupling of the two concentrations rewarding.

On campus, Grayer is involved in Link Staff, Sidekicks, Greek life, Student Government and the COVE group Do Random Acts of Kindness. She also works closely with the Dean’s office. She is currently on a search committee to find a new Dean for the first-year and sophomore experience.

Grayer explained that being a part of Link Staff is very important to her. She said she enjoys being able to have contact with 18 first-years and have a say in shifting their outlook or simply being a friend. Joining Link Staff made her feel more comfortable in a leadership role.

When she’s not busy with her multitude of extracurriculars, Grayer enjoys writing and DIY (do it yourself ) projects. One of her favorite DIY projects included hundreds of drink coasters that she collected while study- ing abroad at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She bought a side table from Ikea and glued the coasters all over the table, creating a work of art out of an ordinary piece of furniture.

Grayer also enjoys exploring Madison County. One of the things she’ll miss most about Colgate is the beauty surrounding it. She often adventures and finds new places including waterfalls, lakes and mountains. Her favorite spot on campus is a bench near the old ski trails that overlooks the entire campus.

Although she will miss these parts of Colgate, Grayer also feels prepared to leave. Her favorite part about Colgate is the people, but she and her friends only allow themselves a few moments of nostalgia a month, as they know they are excited to begin life post college.

“It feels natural to say goodbye since it has been four years,” Grayer said.

She explained that Colgate has its students wired to feel ready to leave by the end and that she is ready to do something with all of the knowledge that she’s gained.

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