In the Light: Mary Clubb

Senior Mary Clubb

Senior Mary Clubb

Jessica Argento, Maroon-News Staff

Originally from Virginia, senior Mary Clubb came to Colgate because she was “enchanted by the snow.” That’s not the only reason, though. Clubb wanted to attend a small, liberal arts school up north, and Colgate was the perfect fit.

Clubb is a peace and conflict studies concentrator (the best department at Colgate in her opinion) and is also concentrating in women’s studies.

Aside from academics, Clubb is an intern for the Bystander Intervention Program, where she develops and facilitates campus programs and training on sexual assault. She was also the Sexual Assault Prevention and Support chair for her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. In pursuing these roles, Clubb feels as though she can improve the Colgate community.

“I believe I can help empower people to be more active bystanders, take initiative to step up and be more comfortable in doing so,” Clubb said.

Continuing her dedication to help the Colgate community, Clubb is also a member of Link Staff, a group of dedicated students who assist first-years in their transition to college during orientation. As a member of this group, she has found a support system for herself and is proud to be a part of an amazing support system for others.

Clubb is also a member of Konosioni, Colgate’s senior honor society.

“Konosioni is one of the best groups I’ve found on campus and I’m so honored to be a part of a group with such a strong legacy of serving the greater Central New York area,” Clubb said. “There is so much love to go around in Kono.”

When Clubb is not participating in the multiple extracurricular activities she’s involved in, she loves to do the weekly New York Times crossword puzzle and watch lots of TV. She has also been a WRCU DJ since her first year—tune in on Tuesdays from 5 to 6 p.m. for her show “Paris Hilton.”

For Clubb, the greatest thing about Colgate is the people.

“I know it sounds super cheesy, but [the best part of Colgate is] just the people. I found my best friends here and when I start thinking about graduating and not being within a one mile radius of them I’ll start crying. People here are really interesting and compassionate,” Clubb said.

When asked what she doesn’t like about Colgate, Clubb struggled to find an answer. She ultimately shared a story of the first time she slipped on the icy pathways in the middle of the quad. While this struggle is a common one, her passion for Colgate remained evident.

If Clubb could give advice to a first-year student, she would tell them to lean into their experience here and apply for what interests them.

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