Fashion Column: Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

Angie Diaz, Maroon-News Staff

As Valentine’s Day approaches, a lot of us are trying to figure out what to wear on the holiday. The seemingly obvious choice is either something pink or red with hearts or some sort of lace ensemble, but Valentine’s Day outfits do not have to be constrained to these rules—it is time to change up the typical Valentine’s Day wear. Regardless of whether you decide to simply party with friends, go out on a date or spend the night catching up on shows, keep on reading for some ideas on how to liven up your outfit for Valentine’s Day.

Playful Prints

The typical Valentine’s Day print is usually something that looks very feminine, delicate and soft such as heart or floral prints. However, year after year of the same kinds of flowery inspired prints can get tiresome. Instead of buying another floral print dress or top, look into clothes with more fresh, playful patterns such as a micro cherry or kiss prints.

Try Romantic Pastels

Instead of sticking to the conventional Valentine’s Day color palette, try to explore different color palettes that can still provide you with a romantic, sweet Valentine’s Day feel. For example, pastels, which are pale, low saturated colors, give a soft appearance to any clothing item. Think about conversation hearts (R.I.P. to the original Necco Sweethearts candy, which won’t be available this year) as an inspiration when trying to use less traditional Valentine’s Day color palettes for outfits. Mauve and beige tones can also help to romanticize any outfit.

Experiment with Necklines

The regular sweetheart or strapless sweetheart necklines are pretty common on Valentine’s Day. But why stick to the standard sweetheart neckline when there are so many more fun and complex neckline cuts out there? This Valentine’s Day, try out an outfit with a cowl neckline (loose folds that drape over), off the shoulder/Bardot neckline, halter neckline (straps behind the neck) or a deep “V” neckline.

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