In The Light: Bobby Pereira

Senior Bobby Pereira

Senior Bobby Pereira

Ignacio Villar, Maroon-News Staff

Robert “Bobby” Pereira knew he would attend Colgate after his first visit, seeing as he committed the very next day.

“After about two hours of being on campus, I turned to my dad and said ‘I’m going here. This is it,’” Pereira said.

Despite suffering a football career-ending injury as a first-year, Pereira’s contagious sense of optimism as well as his passion for the sport and the Colgate football program continues.

“I’ve been able to do a lot more on campus that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to if I was still playing. It’s a blessing and a curse, and I still love football,” Pereira said.

As a senior, Pereira remains fond of his football memories and still considers it a big part of his time on campus.

“My first year, when we won the [Patriot] League at home, we were winning every game by about 7 points, just squeaking it out. Then we went on a really long playoff run. That was just really cool to be a part of,” Pereira said.

Football has also allowed Pereira to make connections and friendships, and he credits football coach Dan Hunt with greatly impacting his time at Colgate.

“We formed a really special bond. My freshman year, after I got hurt, he just made sure that I knew I was wanted and made sure that I was really okay. A lot of players form bonds with him, but the fact that I’ve been able to as a non-player and that we have become as close as we have – I really appreciate that,” Pereira said.

With his spare time, Pereira has been able to devote himself to Greek life, becoming Chapter President of Delta Upsilon (DU).

“Something that I’m really proud of is DU putting on our inaugural car wash. Co- sponsoring it with Kappa Kappa Gamma, we hosted the car wash at our house and raised a bunch of money for charity. It wasn’t flashy or anything like that, but it’s just something I’m really proud of,” Pereira said.

His closeness with his family, as well his good fortune in having his best friend join him at Colgate, allowed Pereira to overcome his career injury.

“I leaned on my family a lot. And my best friend from high school, he actually came here, too. I couldn’t have gotten through it without them,” Pereira said.

Pereira was quick to deduce what makes Colgate special to him.

“The people here are just a special group of people… At the end of the day, they are genuine, caring, good people. That’s the type of student that Colgate attracts,” Pereira said.

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