In the Light: Tyler Maxie


Tyler Maxie

Tessa Ruff, Maroon-News Staff

Senior Tyler Maxie never planned on attending Colgate. In fact, it was his last choice. However, he wanted to get far away from Chicago, where he was born and raised, and, after seeing how beautiful the campus is, thought, “Why not?”

Maxie is concentrating in Theater and Educational Studies.

“I’ve wanted to be a performer since day one. Although Colgate’s Art Program is developing, I thought I could make the best of my time at Colgate,” Maxie said. “I found some amazing professors in the Theater department, and also found some amazing thought-provoking conversations in the Educational Studies department. In the Educational Studies department, Professor Berlisha Morton, in particular, changed my life and helped me on my journey to radical social justice work.” 

Maxie studied abroad with Colgate’s London English study group. Calling it the best five months of his life, Maxie described London as a perfect mixture of New York, where he spent this past summer, and Chicago, his hometown. 

“I truly found who I was as a person, performer and lover of theater. We saw about 15 shows in the West End and I had never felt so at home,” Maxie said.

In addition to his time in London, Maxie spent this past summer in New York City studying musical theatre at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. The summer before, Maxie worked as a Residential Academic Coach for the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

On campus, Maxie has founded the MELANATED Dance Company, one of Colgate’s newest dance teams. He is also involved in Konosioni Senior Honors Society, University Theater, “This Is Not A Play About Sex,” the Black Student Union and QTPOC. He is also the leader of the Colgate Thirteen.

Maxie is applying to graduate school, hoping to continue his studies after graduation. When asked what he will miss most about Colgate, Maxie said, “The friends that I have made here. I have cultivated some really healthy friendships that I am going to miss while I embark on my next journey.”

Finally, Maxie offered advice to underclassmen. “Just keep swimming. Colgate is really tough, but if I can do it, you can do it,” he said.

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