Last Minute and Affordable Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is drawing closer, but most of us already have enough to think about with the amount of papers, readings, projects and presentations we all have to do. Who has the time to focus on what their Halloween costume will be? Admit it, typically it’s the week or even three days before Halloween that the thought of even buying a costume comes to mind. However, those online or in-store complete set costumes tend to be extremely overpriced. So what is one to do when you have no money or clue about what your Halloween costume will be? Keep on reading if you want inspiration for affordable but stylish Halloween costumes!

Headbands can be Life Savers

If you have a bunny, dog, cat or any other animal ear headband or costume part (maybe a fin or tail lying around) you can wear clothing that matches the fur, fin or scale color of the animal you choose and be that animal for Halloween. Makeup or face paint can be the perfect way to amplify the look.

Get Inspired by Different Forms of Media

Pick a TV show, movie, book or video game character whose look isn’t too complicated to achieve. For example, dressing up as a Game of Thrones character requires much more planning and shopping then dressing up as a character from Friends would. A couple of great options to get you thinking are Vampire Diaries,” “Scooby Doo, Tomb Raider, Walking ‘Dead,Alice in Wonderland, Indiana Jones, Cheetah Girls, Clueless, Mario, Stranger Things, etc. You can also do a group costume with your friends. All of you can dress up as characters from a cast of your favorite TV show or movie. If you’re on a serious budget, aim towards characters who you already have similar clothing to and focus on buying accessories.

Basic/Casual Superheros

Marvel and DC superheroes are definitely a popular costume choice, but can be quite expensive if you decide to buy the full faux leather suit and cape. You don’t need to do all that to achieve these looks. For example, instead of dressing up as a full Superman with spandex, opt for the halfSuperman, halfClark Kent version where he takes off his shirt to reveal his logo but still has his glasses on. Plus this can become a couple’s costume if one of you is Lois Lane just wear a white blouse with a skirt, pearls and glasses to achieve her simple look. Instead of getting a tight leather skirt for Wonder Woman, you can wear dark blue jeans, a red tank bodysuit and black booties. All you would really need to buy are accessories such as her tiara, belt and cuffs.  

Dress Up Like You’re From a Different Decade

There is ton of Halloween costume inspiration in famous groups and icons from the past including Marilyn Monroe, Breakfast Club, TLC, Tupac etc. You can get inspiration from styles of the 70s, 80s, 90s and even the 20s and make a costume based on that. The best thing is that you can pull from your own closet and just buy whatever accessories you need to help give the costume a more authentic vibe. However, keep in mind that some decade looks require more effort than others: if you are going for a Jay Gatsby/flapper type of look you might have to search for or order more things online.

Favorite Color or Food

If the costume is extremely lastminute, you can dress up as your favorite color, food or even condiment. Be peanut butter and jelly or salt and pepper with a friend. Dressing up as an ice cream cone or dessert is relatively simple because makeup will help support the look. These are very simple costumes that don’t require much effort or money.

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