In the Light: Tim Englehart


Tim Englehart

Tessa Ruff, Maroon-News Staff

Senior Tim Englehart is originally from Newburyport, Massachusetts, a small city about 40 miles north of Boston. He decided to attend Colgate because of its scenic rural setting, which he felt would be a conducive setting for running and studying. 

Englehart is a member of the Colgate cross country and track and field teams. Englehart noted that the team cohesion is his favorite part of participating in Colgate sports.

“As much as I love it, running can be a grueling and painful sport. Running at Colgate year-round means consistently going out for 10 or 15 mile runs in single digit weather in the winter. Having a great group of friends to do it with makes those runs manageable, and in turn getting through those runs make me a lot closer with my teammates,” Englehart said.

In addition to running competitively, Englehart is member of the Sociology and Anthropology club and is a regular at The Write-In, a weekly meeting of creative writers on campus. Englehart is a sociology and creative writing concentrator. He was drawn to sociology after participating in the Office of Admission sit-in during the fall of 2014, Englehart’s first semester at Colgate. 

“The sit-in made me aware of inequities and structural oppression that I was blinded from seeing growing up in a homogenous community. One of my best friends at the time was a junior Sociology major who was heavily involved with the protest. I decided to check out the discipline and loved it, even though it forced me to come to terms with social inequalities that exist in my own life,” Englehart said.

After his first year at Colgate, Englehart spent his summer running and teaching English in Peru. Englehart spent the next two summers at Colgate conducting research.

“I love the summer at Colgate. The weather is gorgeous. It’s also a great opportunity to branch out and meet new friends, and to really immerse yourself in a research project,” Englehart said.

Overall, it is the academic culture at Colgate that Englehart will miss most.

“I tell everyone who asks me about the school that the professors are my favorite thing about Colgate,” Englehart said.

When asked what advice he would give to first-years, Englehart emphasized the importance of not getting caught up in the social hierarchy at Colgate. 

“The longer I’ve been at Colgate, the less I’ve cared about fitting that construction, and the happier I’ve been,” Englehart said. 

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