In The Light: Kristen Weymouth


Kristen Weymouth

Jonathan Santiago

Senior Kristen Weymouth’s variety of passions can be seen through her activities on campus.

Weymouth is both a geography and political science concentrator. She is also the president of the geography honors society at Colgate.

“I declared my geography major my first year and that had a big part in the kinds of things I became more focused in … I felt [the major] was very impactful, and I developed some really close relations with the geography professors,” Weymouth said.

Weymouth applied to Colgate because of the praise she had heard for the university from a friend at her high school. She had not seen the campus until after her acceptance and was pleasantly surprised by what it had to offer.

One of Weymouth’s favorite educators at Colgate is Assistant Professor of Political Science Danielle Lupton.

“I’ve taken a couple classes with Professor Lupton. She has genuine care for her students and wants them to succeed. She’s able to keep things fun and is honest with her students,” Weymouth said.

Weymouth is part of the dance group DDT and has had a large influence on Colgate’s dance community. She is extremely proud of what the group has become since it began her first year and thanks DDT for

giving her a creative outlet.

Though she has to prioritize her involvements due to the work involved in her senior honors thesis, Weymouth reminisced about her two years as an officer in Delta Delta Delta. Weymouth was also a leader of Oxfam, a COVE club, for two years, but had to disband the club due to low membership.

After graduation Weymouth plans on pursuing international development consulting in Washington D.C. or a career in the arts.

“I realized that I’d like my passion for the arts to be part of my career if possible, so I’ve applied to a number of different arts foundations as well as arts companies that provide funding for arts groups across the country and the world,” Weymouth said. “It’s been a really transformative experience, and I’m very appreciative of what Colgate has been able to prepare me for.”

When asked what advice she would give to underclassmen, Weymouth responded with the following.  

“Try to go to office hours even if you don’t have a test or paper due the next week. Building relationships with professors through office hours can really enhance your college experience.”