In the Light: Bradley Miles


Tessa Ruff

Senior Bradley Miles came from Phoenix, Arizona to Colgate having no idea what he was in for. As a Physics and Economics concentrator, Miles has pursued two diverse interests in his studies. At first, Miles was planning on studying to be an engineer and decided to major in physics.                    “Even though I don’t think a PhD or research is right for me, I still love physics, the physics faculty and the physics community. Looking back, I would never choose a different major,” Miles said.                                            After reconsidering his plans of becoming an engineer, Miles was introduced to the idea of entering the finance world.                                                        “I had never heard of investment banking before and never really considered finance, but it seemed fast-paced and interesting so I decided to double major in economics,” Miles said.                                                                      Rather than going abroad junior year, Miles spent his sophomore summer interning in Buenos Aires, Argentina at a seed fund. He was able to experience much of the area while working on his Spanish skills and learning about corporate finance and accounting. Miles also traveled to Jerusalem sophomore year with the Sophomore Residental Seminar program.                           Around campus, Miles keeps himself busy. He is president of the Colgate Investment Group, which manages roughly $25k in cash and stocks. Miles is also a co-founder and co-president of the Colgate Grappler’s Club, a small group that meets multiple times a week to practice Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling and muay thai.                                                                                            Since sophomore year, Miles has been a manager for SA Sound, working with a team to set up and control the sound during concerts on campus. He is also a Center for Learning, Teaching and Research (CLTR) tutor for Economics and has been a research assistant in both the Physics and Economics departments.                                                                                         This past summer, Miles worked as anInvestment Banking Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York City, and has accepted a full-time position there after graduation.                                                                       Reflecting on his time at Colgate, Miles will miss getting to pursue subjects outside of finance.                                                                                    “I’ll definitely miss the midday training sessions I have with the Grappler’s Club, or the ability to work on several different projects throughout the day. Finally, I’ll miss the people here,” Miles said.                                           Miles advises first-years to balance academics with social life.                     “As a freshman, it is almost more important to develop some social skills and a few stories. Being personable is almost as important as academic achievement,” Miles said.