In the Light: Warren Dennis



Carolyn Doyle, Maroon-News Staff

One of the many benefits of being a Colgate student is the ability to pursue a diverse range of interests. Senior Warren Dennis has been able to follow both of his passions by double concentrating in History and Astronomy-Physics. Dennis came to Colgate sure of his love for history, but unsure of what he wanted to major in. This uncertainty allowed him to identify a second passion for Physics. 

“I love space and history, and the fact that I’ve been able to combine these loves during my time at Colgate has been wonderful,” Dennis said. 

In addition to his rigorous coursework, Dennis is involved in many activities on campus. He is a member of the Colgate Thirteen, the Pep Band, the Wind Ensemble, the Physics Club and hosts a radio show. He even founded his own activity, the History Club, of which he is now the president. He also works as a History Ambassador by managing the History Department’s social media pages. 

This past summer, Dennis was an intern for NASA in Washington, DC. At NASA, Dennis wrote articles for NASA’s History Program Office, and assisted the management of space-related events and various social media accounts for the office. 

“My main goal this summer was to try to show people why we need NASA and what the future will hold if we continue to explore and invent,” Dennis said. 

Perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences Dennis has had during his time at Colgate was when he studied abroad in London during the spring

semester of his junior year. 

Dennis has many options to pursue for life after Colgate. He wants to work in science policy before applying to graduate schools. Eventually, he hopes to earn a doctorate in History of Science and become a professor. 

As a senior, his advice to first-year students is to always pursue your passions, no matter how difficult or divergent they are. Dennis knows firsthand the value and reward of exploring a varied array of interests. After graduation, he will miss many aspects of Colgate, especially the friendships he has made. 

“The main thing I’m going to miss are the communities I’ve been a part of…My time at Colgate has been so drastically influenced by these groups, and I’m going to sincerely miss them,” Dennis said.