In The Light: Tom Buehler

Tom Buehler

Tom Buehler

Carolyn Doyle, Maroon-News Staff

Senior Tom Buehler has taken part in a wide range of pursuits as well as explored different academic interests during his time at Colgate. Buehler is concentrating in International Relations and Computer Science. Buehler’s love for history led him to his passion for International Relations, where he applies his knowledge of history to make predictions and help solve problems. His choice to minor in Computer Science stems from his love for puzzles. 

“I have always loved puzzles, and coding is very similar to a puzzle!” Buehler said. 

Buehler’s interests extend well beyond academics. He is a staff member for Outdoor Education, a senator for the Student Government Association (SGA), a Sidekicks mentor and was recently involved in the production of “This is Not a Play About Sex.” 

As a staff member for Outdoor Education, Buehler conducts physical education classes such as Tree Climbing, Sea Kayaking and Telemark Skiing. In addition, he leads first-year pre-orientation Wilderness Adventure Trips. 

Buehler’s involvement in Sidekicks has been extremely rewarding for him. Sidekicks is a program that allows Colgate students to be mentors for children in Hamilton. As a participant in this group, Buehler bike-rides, rock climbs and plays hockey throughout the winter.

Buehler also studied abroad during his time at Colgate. In the spring semester of his junior year, he traveled to Geneva, Switzerland.

“The Geneva Study Group was full of amazing people and we were fortunate enough to travel all over the European Continent,” Buehler said. 

As for his plans for the future, Buehler is still weighing his options. He is eager to spend some time experiencing other parts of the country and the world.

Although Buehler has learned much from Colgate, he claims that what he has experienced and learned outside of the classroom has been the most significant. 

“I have learned how to love and be comfortable with myself, and how to truly appreciate others,” Buehler said.  

Buehler has a few tips for Colgate students. “Do not be afraid to make mistakes. No one really has life more figured out than you do. Don’t let doubt and fear hold you back.”