In the Light: Peter Williams

In the Light: Peter Williams

In the Light: Peter Williams

Marissa Roberge, Arts & Features Editor

Senior Peter Williams is a History concentrator from Portland, Oregon. Williams has enjoyed his time at Colgate and had nothing but positive things to say as he completes his final semester.

Williams initially thought he would major in Economics, but after suffering a number of concussions during his first year, he switched his major to history and loved it.

Williams always knew he wanted to study on the East Coast.

“I always knew I wanted to come out east,” Williams said. 

“Initially I wanted to play lacrosse. I had too many concussions to keep playing, but I loved the school so I decided to stay.”

On campus, Williams is a member of the Theta Chi Fraternity and was in charge of the Armed Forces Prep Club last year.

“I started the armed forces prep club with Phil Steinberg lasted year with goal of helping students interested in a career in the military to train for the physical, academic and mental rigors of military training,” Williams said. 

“Everyone that joined the club expressed interest in a career in the military. We would practice Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as a club, conducting Fartlek runs, hikes and swims. However, not everyone decided to follow through on their interests.” 

Although Williams did not continue with the club this year, as some members went on to explore new career paths or others’ could not fit the time into their schedules, he does still train with a few of the former club members. Williams will commission to the Marine Corps in about seven weeks.

As for his most memorable experience at Colgate, Williams says there are far too many experience to choose from.

Williams had a lot of advice for Colgate students. In particular, he encourages students to be friendlier.

“I think people need to be more friendly with each other,” Williams said. “I think the Colgate hello doesn’t exist, and that’s too bad.” 

Additionally, Williams wishes he had taken advantage of more of the things Colgate has to offer, from attending more lectures to getting involved in Outdoor Education (OE).

“I just tried my first OE class, one of the more fun experiences I’ve had,” Williams said. “I got to meet people I didn’t know. That’s one thing I wished I had taken advantage of. I didn’t know about all the programs available.”

Williams will miss the friendships he developed at Colgate.

“I am going to miss my friends the most. The friendships I’ve developed while at Colgate have made my experience very special.”