Comedian Entertains at Donavan’s Pub


Jonathan Santiago, Maroon-News Staff

“Basically I’m like a collage of the least sexy parts of a man’s life,” comedian Josh Rabinowitz said.

While he was awkward at first, Rabinowitz evolved into a chest hair-laden god of comedy throughout his performance on Saturday, March 7. Donovan’s Pub was packed with students ready to have a few laughs. Rabinowitz’s humor was definitely geared towards college students, and some might argue that he

straddled the line perfectly. Rabinowitz began his routine with a characterization of Hamilton. 

“When I drove in here my first thought was, ‘Hamilton seems like a great place to hide bodies if you were a serial killer.’” Rabinowitz said.

Rabinowitz flowed into jokes about his college experiences, appealing to the first-years in the crowd with stories about his orientation. Some audience members might remember Rabinowitz complaining about his hallmates and their icebreakers. First-year Sage Krumboltz enjoyed the raunchy performance. 

“I thought that Josh Rabinowitz was hilarious,” Krumboltz said. “His comedy definitely exceeded my expectations, which were already high due to the quality of acts that typically frequent Donovan’s Pub. I thought his ‘awkward’ vibe was really funny and totally genuine. Ultimately, listening to Josh at the pub with my friends was a great way to spend Saturday evening.”

First-year Jordan Levine agreed. “The comedian on Saturday night in Donovan’s pub was very funny,” Levine said. “He had a unique style that seemed to resonate well with the audience. His humor was at once intellectual and simplistic. I really enjoyed his performance and was happy to have attended. Colgate should organize for more acts to perform at Donovan’s Pub.” 

Lucky for Jordan, the Colgate Activities Board (CAB) frequently organizes events such as “Are You Smarter than a Freshman” a couple of weeks ago. While the show had a dearth of snacks, most CAB events have pizza or other forms of snacks for students. 

In the end, Rabinowitz’s stand-up act provided a great way for students to escape the stresses of midterms in jokes ranging from medical problems to his relationship issues. Rabinowitz’s use of awkwardness bred sympathy and encouraged a healthy and light-hearted self-deprecating humor. 

Some might remember Rabinowitz as saying, “I am more of a fetish than I am a man. I’m okay if I’m what you settle for, but I don’t want to be what you’re shooting for.” Topics were intertwined into a blissful night of hysterical laughter and soft chuckles.