In the Light: Nick Yannopoulos

In the Light: Nick Yannopoulos

Jonathan Santiago, Class of 2018

Nick Yannopoulos is a senior finishing his English concentration whom you might see whistling or longboarding across campus when there is not four feet of snow on the ground.  

Yannopoulos is involved in many

organizations at Colgate, including Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Student Government Association (SGA), Men of Colgate and the jazz band “N0 Standards.” He has also served as president of Theta Chi fraternity. 

Yannopoulos was particularly influenced by his work teaching music to children this past summer. He now hopes to work post-graduation for either Teach For America, in workforce development or in education management.

“I basically organized the summer curriculum, coordinated with student payroll,” Yannopoulos said. “In general, I helped the organization with all of their outreach. It was an incredible experience. I was thinking it was just going to be me teaching guitar, but it was way more than that. I taught music history, music and everything under the sun that has to do with it. It’s what drove me to look at teaching, along with workforce and youth development.” 

Music has played a large role in

Yannopoulos’s life. He has been involved with it for his entire life. 

“I’ve taken some recording and jazz

ensemble, and that has been really enlightening for me,” Yannopoulos said. “Music classes helped me to pursue my academic studies, SGA and other organizations. Music calms me, and I always have it to lean on.”

You might see Yannopoulos playing with the jazz band “N0 Standards” at events like Mardi Gras and the mid-term study break.   

The Colgate faculty and students have also helped make Yannopoulos’s experience here. 

“I’d love to thank Konosioni, it’s been amazing,” Yannopoulos said. “Theta Chi has been a great experience, and the music department here. The English Department; they’ve been so helpful and open to me joining in late. I really enjoyed all the Outdoor Education classes I’ve taken. It’s been a really fruitful experience for me.”

After graduation, Yannopoulos will miss Colgate’s unique environment. 

“I’ll miss the Colgate hello a lot,”

Yannopoulos said. “I think people are a lot more friendly here than we’re given credit for. I really appreciate the environment at school. It’s a liberal arts college,  but I think that we’re very progressive and open-minded students. For the most part everyone is really supportive and open to people who are struggling and have issues.”