Colgate Couture Sequins: Too Much or Not Enough?



If you watched the Grammys last weekend, or even if you didn’t (guilty), you probably heard Adele and her amazing performance. Not only did she blow the crowd away with her in­credible voice and receive a total of six awards, she also garnered quite a bit of attention for the gorgeous Giorgio Armani gown she chose to wear: a classic black long-sleeve silhouette, made complete with an eye-catching sequined pattern. Adele wasn’t the only one rocking se­quins at the Grammys this year: Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, T-Swift and many others also made fabulous fashion statements with their shimmering embellished gowns.

Sequins as a fashion statement are usu­ally reserved for the holiday season: there’s just nothing like being able to pull out your black sequin dress for that New Year’s, Christ­mas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa party you just got invited to. With that said, the holidays are a long way away and we’d rather not wait until then to report on the magic that is sequins. Furthermore, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing embellished garments any time of the year, given the proper occasion.

We’d venture to say that most people love a little sparkle. On the other hand, some of us might be nervous about wearing too much spar­kle at one given moment – the Liza Minnelli/ drag queen look just isn’t for everyone. This is a fear we can relate to, and we’re looking to offer some guidance. Your sequined outfit needn’t be outrageous. Find a top with some subtle deco­rative beading or use embellishments to spice up an otherwise boring outfit. Embellishments in any form – sequins, beads, whatever you’re into – are a great way to add dimension to any simple piece, whether it’s a skirt, top, dress or even shoes.

At night, sequins are obviously more than appropriate. Whether going to a nice dinner downtown or getting fancy for a ladies’ night, sequins can bring some extra glam to any evening look. For a formal event, sequins can transform a basic LBD into a sparkly number that will definitely steal the limelight. On any given night, though, do try to exercise some self-restraint: please don’t be obnoxious about your sequins. But on special occasions, such as birthdays, New Year’s or concerts, there is absolutely no reason to hold back.

On that note, you shouldn’t necessar­ily fear embellishments in the daytime. Of course, the same nighttime standards don’t apply, but let’s get real: you know you want to. A little embellishment dur­ing the day never hurt anyone. A sweater with some subtle beaded detailing, some simple sequined jewelry or some sparkly flats can be the perfect touches to liven up your outfit.

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