In The Light: Freesia Ferrantino


Senior Freesia Ferrantino

Haley Fuller, Maroon-News Staff

A Benton Scholar hailing from Southampton, New York, Freesia Ferrantino’s arrival at Colgate was unexpected. She originally wanted to go to school in a big city but applied at her parents’ urging to a small liberal arts school in upstate New York. It was the thirteenth application Ferrantino submitted, and when she visited after being accepted, she loved the campus and the overall feel of the school.

Ferrantino has made an impact on Colgate, particularly as a member of the Club Squash program. She’s been a captain for the past two years, as well as the number one seed. Under her leadership, the women’s Club Squash team was ranked the best Club Squash team in the country last year. However, Ferrantino said that she loves Club Squash for more than just its successes. She also enjoys teaching women who are new to the sport and helping them develop their passion for it.

“It’s really fun. We travel a lot. Basically every weekend we’re either having matches here or going somewhere else,” Ferrantino said. “It’s my favorite thing to do with my favorite people.”

When not running practices or giving campus tours, Ferrantino focuses on her studies as she pursues a concentration in political science and classics.

“I’m very interested in policy, public service and helping people,” she said.

While on the Washington, D.C. study group during the spring of her sophomore year, Ferrantino had the opportunity to work in the White House and pass senators, the Vice President and the President in the hallways. Ferrantino found the experience to be fascinating due to the 2016 presidential election’s impact on political polarization and the tensions on Capitol Hill. She said it was particularly interesting to look at the election from an objective standpoint in order to analyze it from a true political science perspective.

Ferrantino’s favorite aspect of Colgate is the community.

“Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and intelligent, constantly challenging me to do better in classes and become more involved,” she said.

She makes sure to give back to the community and to those around her.

“I’m always a welcome ear or a friendly face for strangers or for people I know,” she said. “I’m happy to listen, lend a helping hand or just be a friend.”

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