13 Beats of the Week: 8/29

Haley Fuller, Class of 2022

1. “The World Is Ours” by David Correy feat. Aloe Blacc

With four whole years ahead, anything is possible. It’s crucial to take advantage of all of the opportunities around campus.


2. “New Morning” by Bob Dylan

Let Bob Dylan’s upbeat backing track and soothing voice entice you to get out of bed to go to orientation or class on those mornings when you’re exhausted from last night’s bonding session with the people in your hall.


3. “I’m Already Gone” by A Day To Remember

New transitions are always difficult, but you have the opportunity to recreate yourself here. If you feel a little lost in the crowd remember that “[you’re] already something to someone you don’t know.”


4. “Welcome To Your Life”  by Grouplove

This peppy track by alternative band Grouplove will bring some energy to the overcast, rainy weather predicted for next week.


5. “Figuring It Out” by SWMRS

Another reminder that every other first-year is also trying to find their place while learning the ins and outs of college classes and dorm living.


6. “May We All” by Florida Georgia Line feat. Tim McGraw

Here’s a song that reminisces on the past while looking forward to new opportunities and future successes. 


7. “Home” by Phillip Phillips

The message behind this song by American Idol winner Phillip Phillips is a good one, reminding listeners that even when things get difficult, there’s always light at the other end of the tunnel. 


8.  “Brand New” by Ben Rector

Between the positive lyrics and uptempo backing track, this song radiates nothing but good vibes. It’ll put a smile on your face after a full day of new classes.


9. “Uncharted” by Sara Bareilles

Despite the lyrics’ original message of anxiousness and trepidation, Bareilles’ tune changes about halfway through her 2010 hit, sharing the importance of jumping into a new experience and throwing insecurities out the window. 


10. “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors

Everyone needs a little encouragement during a time of transition. Even if you feel like you’re the only one struggling, chances are that someone on your hall or in your classes is feeling the same way.


11. “Seventeen” by Alessia Cara

This tune by the 22-year old songstress examines everyone’s desire to grow up and get to the next stage. However, it also serves as a reminder to enjoy where you are now before it’s time to worry about next steps.


12. “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth

If this song makes you feel sentimental about those from home, text or call them to swap stories of the ups and downs of being at the bottom of the totem pole. 


13. “Yesterday” by Imagine Dragons

The syncopation and electric guitar instrumental come together for an interesting and uplifting track sure to make you feel nostalgic about home while also creating a sense of excitement for what’s to come.

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