13 Beats of the Week: 9/24/21


1. “Avian” By Mac Miller

In the wake of the third anniversary of Mac Miller’s death, the dissonant beat, witty cyphers, and lackluster lyrics of “Avian” give the perfect introduction to Miller’s discography and personality. As we revisit his portfolio in his absence, the entirety of Watching Movies with the Sound Off highlights Miller’s multi-faceted career while casting insight into his personal struggles with mental health and substance abuse.

2. “STOOZY” By Dean Blunt and A$AP Rocky

Of Rocky’s 2021 features, “STOOZY” is the single that emulates the nostalgia found in many of his fan-favorites such as “Purity” and “The Kids Turned Out Fine” from his 2018 album TESTING

3. “Alone Together” By Billy Uomo

“Alone Together” is Billy Uomo’s most successful song after his career as the primary songwriter of the indie-pop family band, Babes. Babes is best known for their song “Hey My Man.”


THE BLOSSOM is the stage name for Sydney based non-binary artist, Lily Lizotte. They initially hit the music scene in 2020 with their single “KILL MY MIND,” however they are best known for their hit song “HARDCORE HAPPY.”

5. “Brain Soup” By Nasty Cherry

Nasty Cherry is a female alternative band who debuted in 2019 with their EP What Do You Like In Me. “Brain Soup” is an angsty love song reminiscent of the late 1990’s alternative rock scene.

6. “Virginia Moon” By Foo Fighters

“Virginia Moon” is a jazzy tune featuring Norah Jones and is highly similar to Jones’ hit song “Don’t Know Why.” Off the Foo Fighters’ 2005 album In Your Honor, “Virginia Moon” offers a brief interlude between the band’s hallmark punk rock pieces.

7. “Rella (feat. Hodgy, Domo Genesis, Tyler, the Creator)” By Odd Future

From Odd Future’s 2012 album The OF Tape Vol. 2, “Rella” is characteristic of nearly all of Tyler, the Creator’s early songs with a dissonant beat and lyrics you wouldn’t dare play in front of your grandparents. 

8. “Sanctified” By Rick Ross, Kanye West, and Big Sean

Rick Ross’ 2014 hit “Sanctified ” with enigmatic verses by Kanye West and Big Sean is home to one of rap’s most iconic samples. Soon after the release of Ross’ album Mastermind, The New Yorker wrote a piece accrediting the sample to soul singer Betty White, who answered DJ Khaled’s desperate late night phone call asking for a soulful sample for an album (Mastermind) he was producing. 

9. “When It Hurts so Bad” By Ms. Lauryn Hill

Off of her iconic 1998 album The Miseducation of Ms. Lauryn Hill, “When It Hurts so Bad” is one of her less recognized pieces. Often overlooked when compared to “Ex-Factor” and “Doo Wop (That Thing),” “When It Hurts so Bad” is a passionate R&B hit that will bring you back to the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

10. “Crave You” By Flight Facilities and Giselle

Flight Facilities is an Australian producer group best known for their 2010 hit “Crave You” featuring Giselle. The group is still active and has new disco/house hits hitting the scene regularly. 

11. “Vallie Mode” By Dom Vallie

Based in Toronot, multifaceted rapper Dom Vallie first got his start on SoundCloud. Vallie then ventured into Apple Music and Spotify after he and his music got traction on TikTok and other social media apps.  

12. “Higher” By Brian Fresco, Chance the Rapper, and Blue Hawaii

“Higher” was released in 2016 during the height of Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book era. Offering a beat completely different to Chance’s gospel inspired Coloring Book beats, Fresco’s “Higher” is hallmarked by a smooth techno inspired beat. 

13. “Useless” By Omar Apollo

A song about lust, rejection and past relationships, “Useless” by Omar Apollo has groovy instrumentals, which directly contrasting the song’s sappy lyrics.