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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

13 Beats: First-Year Friends

Starting the school year signifies new beginnings, especially for our first-year friends in the Class of 2027! Composed of 807 members, the first-year class was selected from a diverse applicant pool of students in all 50 states and 152 countries, with a 12 percent acceptance rate. Among the qualities that make them a unique and diverse class is music taste. This week’s 13 Beats features the most-played tunes from 13 first-year students. 

1. “There it Goes” – Maisie Peters (2023)

While she doesn’t think she could pick an all-time favorite song, Libby Stearns’ current pick is “There it Goes.” Stearns explains that she is drawn to the track because of its message. 

“‘There it Goes’ for me is about transitions and becoming a new version of yourself which is where I think I’m at in life right now. It’s fun but it’s real, which I also think is how I like to think of myself,” Stearns said. 

2. “Breezin” – George Benson (1976)

Chris Vanderhoef’s favorite song is this smooth jazz track by one of the greatest guitarists in the genre.

“The various musical instruments combine to form a musical conversation that is unlike any song I have ever heard,” Vanderhoef said. 

3. “Dial Drunk” – Noah Kahan (2023)

The interesting blend of indie, pop and folk in “Dial Drunk” makes the track a current favorite for Charlotte Morris. She enjoys the message of the song which is one of letting go of regrets, missing people from your past and just growing up in general.

4. “One of These Nights” – The Eagles (1975)

“Not sure how to explain it, but it makes me happy to listen to,” Andrew Ludwin said about this slick rock track. Ludwin particularly loves the keyboard detail and believes it is the perfect song to play late at night.

5. “Viva La Vida” – Coldplay (2008)

Rob Vanderhoef enjoys this rock classic because of its listening versatility.

“I can listen to the song whenever, and it’s still so good. I’ll listen to it when I’m sad or excited, exercising or studying, it doesn’t matter,” Vanderhoef said.  

6. “River” – Miley Cyrus (2023)

“River” is a summer music staple for Taylor Cloud because of Miley Cyrus’ light-hearted vocals and the song’s danceable beat. Cloud is a fan of Cyrus’ music in general.

“Miley is the queen of summer jams, from Party in the USA to Malibu, [and] River is no different,” Cloud said. 

7. “Beast of Burden” – The Rolling Stones (1978)

The groove and melody are what make “Beast of Burden” so appealing to Jackson Lowell. Lowell enjoys playing the song on guitar and how the song makes him smile whenever it comes on.

8. “Pyramids” – Frank Ocean (2012)

“Pyramids” is a favorite for Christina Harrah, despite the 10-minute length of the track.

“The instrumentals and vocals of the last two minutes and 50 seconds work super well together, and they make the whole listening experience really rewarding,” Harrah said.

9. “Sweet Avenue” – Jets to Brazil (1998)

“I like this song because of the pretty guitar melody and the lyrics that capture pure emotions,” Naomi Valentine said about this indie rock track. Valentine enjoys how the song improves her mood whenever she listens to it.

10. “august” – Taylor Swift (2020)

Taylor Swift’s storytelling is what draws Bella Nalli to this ethereal track. Nalli also notes that the powerful emotion that Swift conveys, especially in the bridge, is what makes “august” her favorite song.

11. “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” – Tears for Fears (1985)

Dev Sethi’s favorite song is “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” because of its electric rhythm and message. Sethi comments on the power of the song’s lyrics.

“It has a nice message of a commonality between all humans, one being how it acknowledges no one is perfect and we are all closer than we think to each other,” Sethi said. 

12. “True Blue” – boygenius (2023)

Zach O’Donnell is a big fan of “True Blue” and the boygenius band in general. The track is from the supergroup’s recent album, “The Record.” O’Donnell enjoys the entire album that the track is on, and commented that their harmonies and acoustic songs make boygenius one of his favorite musical groups.

“‘The Record’ has been on repeat for me since it came out earlier this year,” O’Donnell said. 

13. “Golden Slumbers” – The Beatles (1969)

While Sophie Wohlstadter doesn’t have a favorite song, she has been listening to the song “Golden Slumbers” recently. According to Wohlstadter, the song is short and sweet, and serves as a comfort song to her.

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