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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

13 Beats: Student Organization Anthems

13 Beats: Student Organization Anthems

The Student Involvement Fair on Sept. 8 was an exciting opportunity for all members of the Colgate University community to learn about what makes each student organization unique. Despite rainy conditions, registered clubs decorated their tables to show off personality and entice students to join. As students join new GroupMe chats and attend first club meetings, they can get to know each organization formally. To casually learn more about the clubs, however, this week’s 13 Beats features songs that I thought might fit thirteen of this campus’ impressive organizations.

1. “Video Killed The Radio Star” – The Buggles (1980)

While the title and repetitive chorus may seem contradictory, this classic pop track is a good representation of WRCU, Colgate’s student-operated radio station. The station’s schedule consistently boasts a unique range of shows, emphasizing how streaming services and other online music platforms did not, in fact, kill Colgate’s radio stars.

2. “The Man”  – Taylor Swift (2019)

Colgate’s chapter of Her Campus is a group of college women who write fun articles for other college women. By highlighting women’s voices, they combat the patriarchal struggles that Taylor Swift sings about in this track. 

3. “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” – The Proclaimers (1988)

It almost seems like The Proclaimers released this song just for Hiking Club. Lead singers Craig and Charlie Reid proclaim — as in the name — that they would walk 500 miles for the audience, “you.” Although they hyperbolize in these lyrics, The Proclaimers allude to all of the busy, scenic and pleasant walking that the members do in Hiking Club. 

4. “Sugar” – Maroon 5 (2015)

“Sugar, yes please,” croons Adam Levine in this upbeat track that fittingly represents the Baking Club. Besides the fact that the track’s title is the first ingredient in most baked goods, I could imagine that the song would be fun to listen to while baking some cookies and cakes.

5. “Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)” – Kate Bush (1985)

The Colgate Ski and Snowboard club may be skiing and snowboarding down hills instead of running up them, but I think this song still fits the club. Kate Bush’s soft, ethereal vocals are reminiscent of the snow that members of the club become in tune with during their time at Colgate. 

6. “Rap God” – Eminem (2013)

Eminem’s fast flow in this track represents the quick thinking that members of Charred Goosebeak, Colgate’s improv group, are masters of. They practice keeping the flow of their scenes even if they don’t know what’s going to come next!

7. “Shut Up And Dance” – Walk the Moon (2014)

Dabbling in many different styles, the Colgate Dance Initiative (CDI) needs no invitation to show off their skilled moves. Performing at concerts including the infamous Dancefest, CDI is a gem of the performing arts at Colgate. Like the song, they do indeed dance, but they shouldn’t shut up about it. 

8. “Sh-Boom” – The Chords (2003)

The Colgate 13, an all-male a cappella group, is always waiting to break into song, particularly this doo wop classic. The singers travel all around the country to serenade alumni and random people alike with their gifted voices.

9. “Revival” – Zach Bryan (2020)

Zach Bryan’s earthy, country style is perfect for barbecues, especially those put on by Colgate’s very own Grilling Club. The club brings together people who love to grill or want to learn, and more often, just anyone who wants some delicious burgers and hotdogs.

10. “All I Ask” – Adele (2015)

A lot of questions are asked during the Colgate Quiz Bowl’s practices and tournaments. Unlike Adele, who only asks for a memory she can use, this competing organization asks about it all. As this group prepares for trivia tournaments all over North America, their defining characteristic isn’t just to ask, but to answer and to win. 

11. “Treat People With Kindness” – Harry Styles (2019)

DoRAK (Do Random of Acts of Kindness) members are no strangers to brainstorming new ways to make the Colgate community happy. In this pop hit, Harry Styles sings about how kindness can aid a community. 

“Maybe we can find a place to feel good and treat people with kindness,” Styles performs. Just like the song states, DoRAK believes that kindness will bring joy to campus, which they accomplish through various volunteer initiatives. 

12. “Around the World” – Daft Punk (1997)

This groovy track is a fitting representation of Colgate’s Model United Nations. Just read the title and listen to its repetitive chorus — it will be apparent. The student-led club tackles global issues in its meetings and, not surprisingly, attends conferences all around the world, from Paris to Los Angeles and (potentially) Taipei in 2024. 

13. “tea” – emawk (2019)

“I made you a cup of tea,” croons emawk, echoing a phrase that is commonly said at Tea Club meetings. The chill beat matches the feeling one gets after drinking a cup of tea.

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