The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

13 Beats: Colgate Day

Colgate University celebrated its first Colgate Day on campus in over a year this past Friday, Oct. 13. Students and faculty donned their maroon and white gear, and Colgate-centric events were held throughout campus. This week’s 13 Beats features songs that represent the University’s tried and true spirit and community.

1. “Maroon” — Taylor Swift (2022)

If you thought that there wasn’t going to be a track that included this iconic Colgate color in its title, you’d be mistaken. Taylor Swift actually represents Colgate in a few ways throughout her work, and this song is no exception, with her name being the same as Taylor Lake and her song, “willow,” reminding us of the mystical Willow Path.

2. “Theme from New York, New York” — Frank Sinatra (1979)

This track is a classic as Colgate is located in rural, charming Hamilton, New York. We have a beloved pizza spot aptly named New York Pizzeria and this song is infamously the last one played every night the timeless Old Stone Jug closes its doors.

3. “Dixieland Delight” — Alabama (1983)

While this song is the epitome of a certain southern state, students at Colgate seem to know every word. Every time it plays in a local bar, party or even at Frank Dining Hall, I always see at least a few people singing or even dancing along.

4. “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” – Kate Bush (1985)

Every single person who has stepped foot on Colgate’s campus can identify with this song choice. It’s such a huge aspect of Colgate culture for students to plan their days around when they are going to be up the hill or down the hill so as to avoid having to climb up the Persson steps more than they have to.

5. “Coffee” — beabadoobee (2017)

As Hamilton is a fairly small village, Colgate students hold dear its charming and comfortable coffee shops as ideal places to get a weekend treat or study. Whether you’re a fan of Flour & Salt, FoJo Beans or both, the coffee shop scene is an integral part of Colgate culture.

6. “Back to Autumn” — Tall Heights (2015)

Autumn is arguably the most magical season to experience on campus, and this track perfectly captures those vibes. Colorful leaves line the winding roads, coats emerge from closets and alumni return back to their alma mater to cheer on our mighty football team.

7. “New Perspective” — Noah Kahan (2022)

Much of Noah Kahan’s discography centers around his experiences growing up in a small, rural community similar to the village of Hamilton. While Colgate’s campus is fairly isolated, students love to make the most of it, fostering different organizations and planning engaging events to keep busy.

8. “Thirteen” — Big Star (1972)

Few schools have a favorite number that is integral to the school’s identity. Colgate was founded by 13 men with 13 dollars and 13 prayers, our address is 13 Oak Drive, the zip code is 13346 (13 plus three numbers that add up to 13) and our motto even has 13 letters. Colgate community members don’t subscribe to the widely believed lore that 13 is an unlucky number. Instead, the number represents our beloved school.

9. “White Winter Hymnal” — Fleet Foxes (2008)

Colgate is known to experience snowy and chilly upstate New York winters that seem to last forever. This track encapsulates the coziness of curling up in your dorm room and doing your homework while the snowfall fills the campus.

10. “Toothbrush” — DNCE (2016)

If you are or have been a Colgate student, chances are you have had at least one toothpaste joke made at your expense when you mentioned your college. If we had to be associated with any product, at least it’s one that makes your teeth look nice and squeaky clean!

11. “Cruise” — Florida Georgia Line (2013)

What would Colgate students do without the convenience of the Colgate Cruiser? The maroon buses are a lifesaver for getting to town or the apartments from campus when the temperatures are in the single digits (or you just don’t feel like walking).

12. “Work” — Rihanna, Drake (2016)

Colgate students know how to have fun, but they also know how to get down to business and crank out their schoolwork. Case-Geyer Library always has students nestled within it, cranking out their essays and assignments to work toward their degrees.

13. “We Didn’t Start the Fire” — Billy Joel (1989)

Every Colgate student’s undergraduate experience concludes with a walk down the hill holding torches to symbolize the knowledge they have gained in their four years on campus. However, the Colgate experience does not end here, as the Colgate community reaches far and wide!

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