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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

13 Beats: The Final(s) Countdown


For many Colgate University students, the period between Thanksgiving recess and the end of the semester means impending doom. Completing those final assignments by their deadlines or sitting down for a dreaded cumulative exam is no easy feat, especially with the sun setting as early as 4:30 p.m. In preparation for these demanding weeks, let the following 13 tracks offer some parting words and a fighter mentality for this final stretch.

1. “The Final Countdown” — Europe (1986)

It’s a special kind of horror to open your calendar and realize that only three weeks remain in the semester. Remember all those assignments that you lazily pushed off for a later date? Now, those unsubmitted entries seem to be glaring at you in Moodle, along with final exams, papers, labs and group projects. Europe’s “The Final Countdown” is the perfect anthem to motivate you to start checking items off your list as the last days of the semester tick by. 

2. “The Heat Is On” — Glenn Frey (1984)

If you’ve lost focus over the past few weeks, these final days of the semester have a way of snapping you back into reality. If you have grades that need improving and applications to fill out, now isn’t the time to drop the ball. Let the saxophone and drums of “The Heat is On” complement this transition into a high-pressure environment and give you the strength to achieve your goals. 

3. “Eye of the Tiger” — Survivor (1985)

You’ll need a lot of focus and determination to push through the final trials of this semester — and, often, this is the time of year that we’re most lacking in those departments. The punching instrumentals of “Eye of the Tiger” will give you the power to fend off any doubts you have and finish off the semester on the right foot.

4. “Danger Zone” — Kenny Loggins (1986)

If you have a borderline grade in a course, “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins might resonate. You might not be flying a fighter jet in “Top Gun,” but the precarious teeter between a B or C isn’t easy to navigate, either. Allow the edgy guitar in this ’80s hit to serve as the motivating force for your dream grade point average. 

5. “Welcome to the Jungle” — Guns N’ Roses (1987)

Do you have four exams next week? Are you agonizing over an impossible prompt for a nine-page paper? As the cold weather sets in and your coursework piles up, you might emphasize with Guns N’ Roses when they sing, “Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here every day.” Let this legendary rock song give you the power to push past the final obstacles of this semester.

6. “Can You Hear the Music” — Ludwig Göransson (2023)

Ludwig Göransson’s composition for the film “Oppenheimer” can serve as an ideal soundtrack for studying, featuring stunning orchestral movement and rhythmic techniques. As you try to work out a complicated theory or craft a convincing thesis, “Can You Hear the Music” might give you the inspiration you need to come up with a winning idea. 

7. “Stayin’ Alive” — Bee Gees  (1977)

If you feel like you’re running on empty, you’re not alone. This classic from the Bee Gees is perfect for giving you the energy you need — caffeine optional. Take a five-minute break from your desk to lift your spirits and move your body to this fun and groovy tune. 

8. “Warm Glow” — Hippo Campus (2017)

“Warm Glow” by Hippo Campus paints a picture of coziness and comfort. After a long day of studying, nothing beats returning to your warm dorm or apartment after a brief cold walk in the night. Make sure to take some time for yourself this stressful season; cozy up with a hot drink and good company, giving yourself the care you deserve.

 9. “Gonna Fly Now” — Bill Conti (1976)

Channel your inner fighter with this training mix from “Rocky.” Let the sound of the trumpets energize you to enter exam season with the invincible mindset you need to successfully tackle your final economics exam, chemistry laboratory session or political analysis paper.

10. “Walking on Sunshine” — Katrina & The Waves (1985)

Nothing beats the feeling of turning in the final exam of a tough course. “Walking on Sunshine” is a classic feel-good song to play as you walk out, put on some headphones and look forward to a well-deserved trip home.

11. “White-Winter Hymnal” — Fleet Foxes (2008)

It’s time — occasional snow flurries have begun to gently blanket leaf piles scattered throughout Hamilton. We watch the forecast expectantly — not looking for a spontaneous warm day, but rather for snow. The transition to cold snowy days isn’t always warmly received, but it can be an exciting one nonetheless. “White-Winter Hymnal” is the perfect tribute to this start of a long (and soon frigid) white winter.

12. “Snow On The Beach”Taylor Swift feat. Lana Del Rey (2023)

As Hamilton experiences its first snow falls of the season, “Snow on the Beach” is a fun and ironic anthem to celebrate the phenomenon. The soft, bubbly instrumentation encapsulates a vision of a delicate snowflake in the wind. Let this tune ease the transition to the winter season as Swift and Del Ray’s gentle voices capture the beauty of it all. 

13. “Dog Days Are Over” — Florence and the Machine (2009)

After the chaos of the last few days of the semester, leaving campus behind in the rearview is nothing short of a fresh breath of air. As you head out of Hamilton, celebrate the stressful end of another semester with Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over.” Stay tuned — rest and leisure are soon to come. 

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