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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

13 Beats: Chill at the Café

13 Beats: Chill at the Café

We’ve made it through the first three weeks of classes, which means that the school work is starting to ramp up again. While the depths of Case-Geyer Library and Cooley Science Library are popular and fitting places to study, there’s something especially motivating and comforting about the communal space of a café. Whether you prefer Flour & Salt, Fojo Beans or even Chobani at Hieber Café, this week’s 13 Beats feature tracks to transport you to your favorite café — even if you’re not there to study:

1. “Jackie Onassis” – Sammy Rae & The Friends (2020)

Upbeat and jazzy, “Jackie Onassis” combines Sammy Rae’s rich vocals with brass sounds to pay homage to First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Rae croons, “She’s the first lady to walk me through the night,” as a nod to Kennedy’s role in society and the inspiration that she gave to the singer.

2. “My Love Mine All Mine” – Mitski (2023)

Mitski sings about the feeling of having her lover and feelings about her lover all to herself. She repeats, “Nothing in the world belongs to me but my love mine, all mine,” to emphasize the idea that this is the one aspect of her life that she finally has control over.

3. “Begin Again (Taylor’s Version)” – Taylor Swift (2021)

“On a Wednesday in a café, I watched it begin again,” sings Taylor Swift in this fitting and vulnerable track about taking the next step after getting over the heartbreak of a break up. Swift’s calm vocals blend with the smooth guitar to emulate feelings of nostalgia and reflection within the song’s lyrics. 

4. “Dreams – 2004 Remaster” – Fleetwood Mac (2004)

“Dreams” details the split between vocalist Stevie Nicks and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and talks about the loneliness and daydreaming that come with the loss of a relationship. Despite the sad lyrics, the track’s airy sound and chill beat provide the perfect backdrop for locking into schoolwork.

5. “jordan” – Joy Oladokun (2021)

Melodically rich, “jordan” describes the feelings of vulnerability and boldness that Olafokun felt when coming out. “’Cause now I’ve found love and there’s no turning back,” repeats Olafokun about stepping into a new chapter of her life where she feels proud to be herself.

6. “Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)” – Edison Lighthouse (1970)

“There’s something about her hand holding mine, it’s a feeling that’s fine,” croons Tony Burrows about his lover who he sees as magical despite other people’s opinions of her. The classic and swingy beat of the track are a great complement to a warm cup of coffee.

7. “Babydoll” – Dominic Fike (2018)

On this chill and smooth track about his own life, Dominic Fike croons, “and I’ll take it all, babydoll, whatever’s been weighing you down,” about how he wants to take stress away from his lover. Bright electric guitar sounds provide a refreshing backdrop for a café.

8. “Kilby Girl” – The Backseat Lovers (2019)

Joshua Harmon sings about a thrilling and spontaneous relationship he has with his lover. The lyrics, like “And waste away the whole afternoon,” show how much he loves spending time with her.

9. “Shiny Happy People” – R.E.M. (1991)

“Shiny Happy People” is a classic, upbeat rock track that is perfect for relaxing and people-watching. Michael Stipe repeats the line, “shiny happy people holding hands,” to emphasize the song’s message about people appearing ironically happy.

10. “Almost (Sweet Music)” – Hozier (2019)

“Tell me who and I’ll be thanking them, the numbered lovers of Duke Ellington,” croons Hozier in this jazzy indie track. Hozier pays homage to some of the jazz musicians who inspired him by referencing them and their song lyrics.

11. “Nevermind” – Dennis Lloyd (2017)

Sure to get your head bopping and your mind into a rhythm, “Nevermind” repeats many of its lyrics over and over again but highlights a back and forth between Dennis Lloys and his lover. The lyrics, like “All I, I ever ask, ever ask, are you gonna, are you gonna be my lover,” show the ambiguity in their relationship.

12. “Borderline” – Tame Impala (2020)

Tame Impala puts their signature groovy sound into “Borderline.” Kevin Parker croons, “I’m a loser, loosen up, setting free must be tough,” to convey the song’s message of being on the edge of coming into a new world and mindset.

13. “Good News” – Mac Miller (2020)

Chill and slightly melancholy, “Good News” is a track about not being able to escape negative feelings despite the rest of the world’s focus on the happy things in life. “No they don’t like it when I’m down,” croons Mac Miller about the pressure he feels to appear content.

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