13 Beats of the Week


1. “Addiction – Main” By Ryan Leslie, Cassie, Fabulous

This 2008 dance hit by Ryan Leslie features two of the early 2000’s top R&B and Pop artists, Cassie and Fabulous. Cassie is best known for her 2006 hit “Me & You,” while Fabulous is best known for his 2003 hit “Into You (feat. Tamia).”

2. “I’m Good (feat. Pharrell Williams)” By Clipse, Pharrell Williams 

“I’m Good (feat. Pharrell Williams)” is just one example of a forgotten sub-genre: elegant rap. Artists best known for their elegant beats are Pharrell, Rick Ross, Kanye West circa his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy era, Jay-Z and T.I. 

3. “151 Rum” By JID

Atlanta-based rapper JID became prominent as a solo artist in the rap industry in 2017 with his debut album The Never Story. Rising to stardom in the R&B/Rap group EARTHGANG, the “151 Rum” rapper is featured in the Madden 22 NFL Soundtrack alongside Swae Lee and Jack Harlowe.

4. “Pornography” By Travis Scott

One of Scott’s more experimental pieces on his iconic album Rodeo, “Pornography” is a mix between spoken word and classic rap. Rodeo is the sequel album to Scott’s sensational 2014 mixtape Days Before Rodeo.  

5. “Potato Salad” By Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky

“Potato Salad” has a sophisticated beat characteristic of Rocky’s entire discography. Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky filmed the music video for “Potato Salad” in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower — a fitting choice of setting for such an elegant piece. 

6. “Suavemente” By Elvis Crespo

1999 merengue dance hit “Suavemente” is characterized by its mariachi-style horns and frequently changing tempos. 

7. “Outta Time (feat. Drake)” By Bryson Tiller, Drake

“Don’t” singer Bryson Tiller collaborated with Drake on Tiller’s most recent album A N N I V E R S A R Y, creating the hit track “Outta Time.” Tiller is best known for his slow and sensual instrumentals and lyrics.

8. “Don’t Let Me Down (feat. Khalid)” By Sabrina Claudio, Khalid

“Don’t Let Me Down (feat. Khalid)” is a beautiful duet between Claudio and Khalid where their voices create a euphoric harmony. Claudio came to fame after her 2017 hit “Confidently Lost” after releasing much of her early work on Soundcloud and other music streaming services. 

9. “Bitch” By Allie X

With euphoric instrumentals and a techno-style chorus, “Bitch” by Allie X is a versatile hit. “Bitch” has been used in a variety of TV shows and movies with a wide range of emotions conveyed in the song.

10. “Girls Around The World” By Lloyd, Lil Wayne

In the style of the early 2000’s pop/R&B, “Girls Around The World” is a catchy beat with smooth vocals contrasted against Lil Wayne’s verse. 

11. “Gimme Love – Channel Tres Remix” By Joji, Channel Tres

“Gimme Love – Channel Tres Remix” takes a house-style twist on Joji’s 2020 hit  “Gimme Love.” For those who favor a slower dance beat over the original Alternative style of Joji’s song, the Channel Tres version is a great listen.  

12. “All My Girls Like To Fight” By Hope Tala 

With seductive Latin-inspired guitar instrumentals, Tala’s 2020 song “All My Girls Like To Fight” is an empowering breakup song that can be played in the club or on a rainy night in.

13. “Land Of The Snakes” By J. Cole

“Land Of The Snakes” is a reflective narrative about J. Cole’s love affairs throughout his late teenage and college years. By reflecting upon his past of treating women poorly, Cole uses his story to emphasize that women are constantly expected to navigate a society where men are comfortable and allowed to deceive women in order to get what they want. “Land Of The Snakes” allows Cole to look back upon his role in the sexist hook-up culture experienced by many today.