13 Beats 2/3

Felicia Paul, Staff Writer

Whether you use your Sundays as a day to recover, reset or both, this week’s 13 Beats were chosen to sponsor a reflective and productive end to your weekend.

1.“Carry On” – fun. (2012)

No matter “if you’re lost and alone, or you’re sinkin’ like a stone”, this song reminds the listener to push through and “carry on” with their lives after a setback like a breakup. The band urges their listeners to leave room for self-growth and not dwell too much on the past, recent or not.  

RIYL: Bleachers, The 1975, Beach House

2. “Prom” – SZA (2017)

SZA sings about change and growing up in this upbeat song, relating herself to teenagers who want to enjoy the moment but keep up with their peers. Lyrics like, “Am I doin’ enough? Feel like I’m wastin’ time” speak to the navigation that people, particularly college-age students, have to do between their social and professional lives.

RIYL: Kehlani, Kali Uchis, Jhené Aiko

3. “The Love Club” – Lorde (2013)

“I joined the club and it’s all on; there are fights for being my best friend” croons Lorde in this poppy track about feeling the need to fit in and be a part of an exclusive group. She highlights how joining cliques like “The Love Club” can seem freeing at first (“everything will glow for you”), but ironically cause one to lose their social freedom. 

RIYL: Haim, Lana Del Ray, Taylor Swift

4. “Keep Driving” – Harry Styles (2022)

Harry Styles uses a motivational beat to encourage his lover and listeners to “keep driving” and try to ignore the crazy things going on in their lives. “We held darkness in withheld clouds”, sings Styles, providing a metaphor for the storm of negativity that he is “withholding” from ruining his relationship and mood. 

RIYL: Vance Joy, Declan Mckenna, Conan Grey

5. “better off” – Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler (2018)

“better off” describes two people coming to the mutual realization that their relationship isn’t working anymore and that they are “better off alone.” Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler inspire independence and recognition of toxicity in this chill, but boppy track off of Zucker’s EP, “glisten.”

RIYL: Quinn XCII, Lany, Ruel

6. “Cherry Flavoured” – The Neighbourhood (2020)

“I think I gotta slow down and I know I gotta take control now” sings Jesse Rutherford, showcasing self-reflection on his relationship and personal habits. The soft beat of the drums gives the song a twinkly and calm vibe, consistent with much of the band’s other music.

RIYL: Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, Vampire Weekend

7. “Goodpain” – Yoke Lore (2017)

Yoke Lore uses his signature echoey sound to create this anthem that highlights the necessary struggle that comes with getting to the good part of something, like spending Sunday prepping for a successful week. Adrian Galvin croons “It’s goodpain; it means I can’t be phased” to emphasize the importance of getting through tough experiences to build resilience.

RIYL: Caamp, Del Water Gap, The Head and the Heart

8. “right where you left me” – Taylor Swift (2021)

“right where you left me” speaks to people who feel frozen in time, having trouble moving on from a situation that everyone else was able to. “They expected me to find somewhere, some perspective, but I sat and stared” sings Taylor Swift about the social pressure to get over things that cause emotional pain.

RIYL: Phoebe Bridgers, Lana Del Ray, Lorde

9. “Let It All Out (10:05)” – COIN (2020)

Chase Lawrence repeats the track’s title “Let it all out” throughout the song to signal to the listener to take a second to pay attention to their body and what’s right in front of them, instead of constantly looking for what’s next. The song moves from a slow, rhythmic beat to an ethereal crescendo to signify the release that Lawrence sings about.  

RIYL: Bad Suns, Hippocampus, Valley

10. “Black Out Days” – Phantogram (2013)

“Mirror on the wall, tell me all the ways to stay away”, croons Sarah Barthel as she needs something to help her stay away from the lover she keeps impulsively going back to. The track highlights the internal conflict that many people go through when trying to get over someone who they loved but was not good for them. 

RIYL: Glass Animals, Portugal. The Man, CHVRCHES

11. “Sleep on the Floor” – The Lumineers (2016)

“Sleep on the Floor” chronicles the travels of the narrator and his lover, symbolizing the necessity and difficulty of change. Lyrics like “‘cause if we don’t leave this town, we might never make it out” emphasize that even though it may seem scary, there will never be a perfect time to take certain leaps.

RIYL: Vance Joy, Mumford & Sons, The Head and the Heart

12. “Love Lost” – Mac Miller, The Temper Trap (2022)

Mac Miller raps about falling in love with someone who has been inconsistent with him in this upbeat track. “All I got is this damn song,” sings Miller to show his lover that the song he is singing is the only constant he has in his life.

RIYL: Logic, BROCKHAMPTON, blackbear

13. “Wait a Minute!” – WILLOW (2015) 

“I left my consciousness in this sixth dimension, left my soul in his vision” croons Willow Smith, describing the feeling of leaving everything behind and losing herself in her lover. The catchy track layers Smith’s voice for a funky and upbeat vibe. 

RIYL: Kali Uchis, SZA, Tinashe