13 Beats 2/27

1. “Free Room (ft. Appleby)” by Ravyn Lenae

This house inspired pop song, produced by Smino collaborator Monte Booker, is an upbeat jam ready for any party. Ravyn’s vocals are playful and fun. Appleby closes out the track with a smooth verse and bridge. 

2. “Take_it_Back_v2” by Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats

Straight from the cave is this song with a bonkers beat. Denzel Curry is ferocious and spits some of the hardest bars of the year so far. Midway through the song, the beat switches and Denzel Curry proves that he’s one of the hardest emcees representing the south Florida sound. 

3.“Fine Whine (ft. Joe Fox, M.I.A. & Future)” by A$AP Rocky

A song that sounds chopped and screwed with a double dose of sub-bass. This is a moody wine-sipping song for the love lost. Future delivers one of his most emotional verses whilst M.I.A. hits with an angry bridge. Everybody’s whining on this track and it sounds great. 

4. “Where Did Our Love Go” by The SupremesThe first of many of the Supremes’ songs to hit #1 on the Billboard chart. The song was written and produced by the powerhouse production trio of Holland-Dozier-Holland, who were responsible for countless Motown hits. Although Holland-Dozier-Holland laid the foundation for this classic, Diana Ross is the star who makes it shine so bright. 

5. “And Your Bird Can Sing” by The Beatles

This early Beatles song was originally released on the UK release of “Revolver” but came out on the US release of “Yesterday and Today.” That album is perhaps the Beatles most controversial release because of its cover, known as the butcher cover, since it had the Beatles holding chopped up baby dolls, supposedly in protest to the Vietnam War. 

6. “We’ll Meet Again” by Vera Lynn 

This British song from 1939 was a popular hit for war-torn lovers during WWII. It’s a soft and heartfelt song that can have resonance in any situation of separation. The song is also well known as being the final song in Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove. “

7. “Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide” by David Bowie

A cigarette is a rock ‘n’ roll suicide and it’s how the song starts. But the song has more than that. It’s a song about not being alone and finding hope in the universe filled with spiders from Mars. 

8. “At the Door” by the Strokes

One of the new singles from the Strokes’ upcoming album. The sound marks a return to Is This It and Room on Fire days. Alongside the other singles released so far, the band has put out some creative and thought provoking music videos. 

9.“Another Lover” by VanJess

VanJess is an exciting up-and-coming R&B duo from Nigeria who began their career doing viral cover songs on YouTube. The sisters, Ivana and Jessica Nwokike, recently signed a deal with RCA and have collaborated with GoldLink, Ari Lennox and KAYTRANADA. 

10. “Marquee Moon” by Television  

Television has a sound like Patti Smith. Both Patti and Television helped define the music scene of New York City in the 1970s. “Marquee Moon” is the standout song of a classic album by the same name. It’s a 10-minute urban nocturne about Bohemian NYC nightlife. 

11. “Pantalón” by Kornél Kovács

One of the most fun dance songs that I’ve heard in awhile. It has some 80esque synths, a funky vocal loop, and a vivacious beat. Kornél Kovács is a left-field producer from Sweden making some refreshing new sounds. 

12. “Amsterdam” by Jacques Brel

Jacques Brel’s “Amsterdam” is one of the most majestic songs about a city. The song is predominantly full of Jacques Brel’s voice, with some background bass, piano and accordion. This French song is evocative of the Dutch city no matter what language one speaks.

13. “Si Señor” by Liverpool Together, The Ragamuffins & Marc Kenny

Although I’m an Arsenal fan, I can appreciate this song in tribute to Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino. He’s one of the best football (soccer) players today and this is probably the best song about football because of its fun instrumentation and anthem ready chorus.