HBO’s Euphoria Fashion: Dress Like Your Favorite Character

Grace Feingold, Maroon-News Staff

The highly praised HBO original series Euphoria has made headway in the fashion industry. Euphoria follows the lives of a group of high school students as they deal with the dangerous implications of sex, drugs and violence. Each character’s wardrobe is suited for their personality and perfectly reflects the self-expressive nature of “Gen-Z.” 

Rue Bennett: Rue is the main character and protagonist of the series, who struggles to work through a dangerous drug addiction. Her personal style mirrors her introverted, passionate and sarcastic personality. To acquire Rue’s laid-back and effortless style, you should incorporate large t-shirts, tie-dyed pieces and big hoodies to your wardrobe. Her style is inclusive, gender-fluid and relaxed, which perfectly resembles her identity.

Jules Vaughn: Rue’s love interest of the series is Jules, a young trans-woman seeking to find her place in her new home in suburbia. She’s a fierce individual who isn’t afraid to express herself through her clothing and make-up. She is typically seen wearing colorful skirts, layered t-shirts, chokers and tights. Jules loves to express her femininity and plays with make-up through the use of bright-colored eyeliners and glitter. If you want to mimic Jules’ look, play with your own personal style and don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Maddy Perez: Maddy is a confident, fierce and strong individual who doesn’t let anyone mess with her. Her wardrobe consists of colorful matching sets, gold jewelry, bright colored make-up and her famous winged eyeliner. Her style perfectly captures her badass personality and has a strong influence from her past as a pageant queen. To emulate Maddy’s style try to invest in matching sets, bright-colored dresses and buy some liquid eyeliner.

Kat Hernandez: Kat undergoes a drastic style change throughout the series. Her style originally consisted of blouses, blue jeans and large black glasses in an effort to cover her body. Kat transforms into a rebellious, confident and unforgettable individual. She began wearing mesh tops, large chokers, latex pieces and harnesses. To acquire Kat’s style you should invest in red mesh tops, latex skirts, and denim dresses to show your rebellious side.